Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Princess Anne Rotary Club Welcomes New Officers and New Members

Rotary Club of Princess Anne at Town Center held a banquet recently for the installation of its 2014-2015 slate of new officers.

Many Rotary Clubs have programs in place to allow younger professionals to join the club as honorary members for six months through the Future Leaders Program, after which time they have the opportunity to be inducted as full members if they choose. The Shopper Director of Sports Information Heather Ireland is excited to utilize this opportunity through the Princess Anne Rotary Club and was recently inducted as an Honorary Member.

Introducing its new officers, from left: Treasurer Don Fisher, Vice President Dr. James Hatcher, President Bert Poole, and Sergeant-at-Arms Buddy Early

Past District Governor B. Dean Angell, left, inducts 2014-15 Princess Anne Rotary President, Mahoney Poole PC's Bert Poole

Princess Anne Rotary at Town Center's Rotarian of the Year Dave Moore

From left: Sarah Kiah Morton received her induction pin from mentor Donna Bunton. Sarah was previously an honorary member through the Future Leaders Program.

Heather's natural family and Shopper family were there to support her. From left: father Cliff Ireland, grandmother and The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, Heather Ireland, and Heather's Rotary Mentor and The Shopper Account Executive Amy Garrett.

Focusing on a few different cameras, from left: member Amy Garrett, new honorary member Heather Ireland, and member Brett Thompson

Ben Davenport, another recently inducted honorary member of Princess Anne, is currently running for city council. Fellow Member Brett Thompson (behind the camera) went in for the close-up here!

Heather Ireland, left, being officially pinned as an honorary member by her assigned mentor Member Amy Garrett

Past President K. Dane Mills takes the time to give a Rotary Club history as the oldest international service club, for the benefit of Heather's father, a member of Kiwanis. From left: Heather's father Cliff Ireland, Heather's grandmother and member of the Chesapeake Rotary Club The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, new honorary member Heather Ireland, member Amy Garrett, Past President K. Dane Mills, and Vice President Dr. James Hatcher.

The newly inducted honorary member Heather Ireland presented with her badge and Rotary International packet. From left: Heather Ireland, Amy Garrett, and Past President K. Dane Mills.