Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Chesapeake Sports Club Honors High School Athletes and Local Legend

At the meeting this past month, the Chesapeake Sports Club also took the time to honor Bobby Kinnard with the Legend of Honor Award for his athletic accomplishments in years past for Great Bridge High School and East Carolina University, along with his work in the community since. Several high school student-athletes were recognized with Outstanding High School Athlete Awards in their respective sports: Alli Pinello (Soccer at Hickory), Marshal MacCartney (Soccer at Hickory), Sydney Harless (Softball at Great Bridge), and Zach Rutherford (Baseball at Western Branch).

President Larry Zoeller with Marshal MacCartney

Alli Panello's father, Craig (on her behalf)

Sydney Harless

Zach Rutherford

President Larry Zoeller with Legend of Honor Bobby Kinnard