Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Virginia Beach Sports Club

The Virginia Beach Sports Club is making good use of its time in the summer giving out scholarships and hosting a summer social! At the last meeting in June the club reviewed the scholarships given out at the end of the school year, a total of eleven scholarships of $2500 each given out to one exceptional student-athlete at each of the Virginia Beach public schools.

Members were all invited to bring guests to the club's summer social, which was held at the picturesque Virginia Beach National Golf Club. Sitting on the back porch of the clubhouse allowed everyone to enjoy a much-needed summer breeze while sharing a view of the green with friends.

Co-Presidents Claudy and Tom Barnes show off their club's colors with their red shirts.

From left: Jim DiNardo, Past President Jim Kinzel, The Shopper's new Director of Sports Information Heather Ireland and Jack Harcourt of Virginia Beach National Games.

The Shopper's Account Executive Amy Garrett wished Scott Kellam of Kellam Mechanical good luck as he headed out on the green.

From left: One of the original members of the club Ken Gimbert, Jacqueline Kaiser and The Shopper's Public Relations Executive Glenn Fritz.

A small section of the club is made up of alumni of the College of William and Mary. From left: Wayne Woolwine ('61), Mary Ann Schmidt ('64), The Shopper's Director of Sports Information Heather Ireland ('08, '14), and Co-President Claudy Barnes ('68). Wayne was also notably inducted into the William & Mary Hall of Fame in 2002 for his former feats on the football field.

From left: Treasurer Dick Clark, his wife Lorna and local auctioneer Scott Freeman.