Sunday, April 11th, 2021


City Council and School Board Victory Party

Candidates for the city council and the school board gathered with friends and supporters at Traditions at Las Gaviotas Country Club to wait for election results. Some races were close to the last few votes. The only non- incumbent elected to council was Roland Davis. Reelected were Vice Mayor John de Triquet, Suzy Kelly, Dr. Ella Ward, and Lonnie Craig. New to the school board are Louis Tayon and Colleen Leary. Reelected to school board were Harry Murphy, Michael Woods and Christie New Craig.

The Shopper Public Relations Executive Dr. Glenn Fritz, left, and John Fredericks of WHKT Radio

Attorney Steve Best, left, and Chesapeake Vice Mayor John de Triquet

State Senator John Cosgrove and JoeJoe Fredericks

From left: Karen Christy of Chesapeake Parks and Recreation, Council Member Lonnie Craig, and Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan

From the Chesapeake Sheriff's Department, Captain David Howell, left, and Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan

Shirley Forbes, left, and Council Member Debbie Ritter

From left: Jason Morris, who lost his bid for a council seat by a narrow margin and was characteristically gracious throughout, with City Council Members Robert Ike, Suzy Kelly and Debbie Ritter

School Board Member Christie New Craig, left, and Sue Cosgrove

Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Nancy Parr

From left: School Board Member Louis Tayon, City Council Member Rick West, and Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff

From left: Council Member Robert Ike, State Senator John Cosgrove, and Delegate Jay Leftwich

The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, left, and Irene Hurst

From left: Scott Weldon, City Council Member Roland Davis, and Sheriff's Department Major Eddie Woods

From left: Chesapeake First Lady Phyllis Krasnoff with Tory and Julie Spruill

From left: Tory and Julie Spruill, Colleen Leary, and Terry Spruill

From left: Sentry Security owner Brenda Ike, Senior Trooper S.L. (Sam) Boone, Jr., WHKT Radio host John Fredericks, and his son JoeJoe

From left: Terri Pond, Portsmouth Deputy Commissioner Wanda Smith, Portsmouth Commissioner of the Revenue Franklin Edmondson, and Kathy Grizzard

From left: Vice Mayor John de Triquet, Senior Trooper S. L. (Sam) Boone, Jr. and Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff