Sunday, April 18th, 2021


May Meeting Chesapeake Sports Club

The May meeting of the Sports Club of Chesapeake was held at the Chesapeake Conference Center. The club awarded 12 college scholarships to graduating seniors who excelled in both academics and athletics throughout their high school careers. Past president Doug Smith was recognized for his outstanding service to the club in 2013. The keynote speaker was 1964 Olympic gold medalist in swimming Dr. Thompson Mann. Dr. Mann was also inducted into the Legends of Honor.

Past President of Chesapeake Sports Club Doug Smith, left, and current President Larry Zoeller

Joseph Stainbeck of Atlantic Shores Christian School

Tredarius Williamson of Deep Creek High

Courtney Nishnick of Deep Creek High

Quiana Moss of Grassfield High

Vaughn Whitehurst of Great Bridge High

Rachel Owens of Greenbrier Christian Academy

Zachary York of Hickory High

Emmy Hamed of Indian River High

Allison Runger of Indian River High

Natasha Halloran of Oscar Smith High

Isabella Kim of Western Branch High

Wayne Hammes Jr. of Grassfield High

President Larry Zoeller, left, and Legends of Honor Recipient Dr. Thompson Mann