Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering The 16th Annual William Fuller Tracy Clymer Charity Golf Tournament

The 16th Annual William Fuller Tracy Clymer Charity Golf Tournament

Chesapeake Care Free Clinic held a golf tournament at Cypress Point Country Club in Virginia Beach to benefit the William Fuller Tracy Clymer Charity. The tournament is named after former NFL player William Fuller, who was a defensive end for professional football teams the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers. Tracy Clymer was a clinic Board member and the original Board organizer of the Charity Golf Tournament. In 1997, at the age of 37, Tracy died of colon cancer and his name was added to the golf tournament classic in his memory. This is the largest fundraiser for the clinic each year and this year turned out to be one of the best.

Volunteer dentists from the Navy from left: Ben Lago, Kaine Stokes, Chris Harris and Jay Vandervort.

Cape Henry Collegiate's: Dean Ed Faubert, left, and Teacher/Coach Charlie Lonergan.

Cape Henry Collegiate Team, from left; Amy St. Sing, Lawana Burroughs, Kim Johnson, Julie Levine.

Diane Sullivan and Cissei Spruill of Chesapeake Care.

City of Chesapeake's Commissioner of Revenue, Ray Connor, left, and Dr. Juan Montero founder of Chesapeake Care.

William and Pricilla Fuller

Micah Clymer, Steve Clymer, Gene Clymer and Dale Nellis came out in honor of Tracy Clymer.

Cypress Point staff, Chad Lynn and Mike Fentress gets a big Thank you for all the support during the Event.

Dr. Alan Kessler of Virginia Beach, left, and Dr. Pedro Casingal of Chesapeake.

Cathy Lewis signs in Merv Troyer before the tournament with many thanks for the use of Cypress Point Country Club.

David Johnson owner of Salsaritas Restaurant played in the tournament.