Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Rotary Social at Lockside

The Chesapeake Rotary Club recently gathered at Lockside Bar & Grill for its monthly social. Sometimes the socials are in members' homes, and sometimes the club members venture out on the town.

Rogers Electrical Owner Jeb Britt and Chesapeake Council Member Debbie Ritter

Tara Preston

The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, left, and good friend Alvene Buckley

Newman Family Pharmacy Owner Scott Newman

Rose & Womble Real Estate Broker and new Rotarian Bill Rountree

From left: Attorney Doug Davis, Laura and David Hanson

Robin Tull, left, and In Tai Ryu

Poole Mahoney Attorney Grady Palmer, left, and Newman Family Pharmacy Owner Scott Newman

From left: Denise Childs, New Rotarians Steve Childs and Poole Mahoney Attorney Grady Palmer

John Maddux and wife Lori

Lori Maddux, left, and Denise Childs