Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Third Annual Chesapeake Sports Club Jamboree

The Chesapeake Sports Club held its third annual Jamboree at the Chesapeake Conference Center. Ms. Kathy Williams sang a stirring rendition of the Nation Anthem, and guests were welcomed by Chesapeake Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff. Dr. Robert Robinson offered the invocation. The awards were presented by Nick Cattles of ESPN 94.1 radio. Connor Jones and Andrea Wright were honored as high school athletes.

William Sid Savoy of Oscar Smith High School was recognized as Coach of the Year, and Dave McManus received the Sportsman of the Year award. Hall of Fame Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Jim Palmer was the keynote speaker.

Dr. James Baker, left, and Jim Palmer

The Shopper Public Relations Executive Dr. Glenn Fritz, left, and Sajomach Owner/City Council candidate Roland Davis

The Shopper Account Executive Amy Garrett and Priority Auto Group President Dennis Elmer

From left: David Downs, The Shopper Senior Writer John Downs, Sr, and Brad Breckenridge

Bud Chappell and Susan Hurst

The Shopper Account Executive Amy Garrett and Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff

From left: Dr. Robert Brewer, John Brewer and The Shopper Account Executive Amy Garrett