Friday, April 16th, 2021


A Fine Day for Fine Wine

Presented by Old Point National Bank, The Chesapeake Rotary Club recently held its 2nd Annual Chesapeake Spring Wine Festival at the Chesapeake Conference Center. Visitors enjoyed selections from more than 18 wineries along with award-winning art and live entertainment. Proceeds will primarily beneit Paint Your Heart Out! and Coats for Kids.

From left: Mike Adcock, Copeland Mills School of the Arts Owner Dianne Adcock, her daughter Shirley Turner and husband Kris Turner

From left: Nancy Fillmore, Kristie Britt, Rogers Electrical Owner Jeb Britt and Newman Family Pharmacy Owner Scott Newman

From left: Mary Thompson, Amy Dunphy and Caroline Taylor

From left: Randy and Sandy Pomeroy, and The Shopper Senior Account Executive Martha Frugard

From left: Coni Spalenka, Melanie Coppola, Denise McGee-Williams and Kitty Newbold-Walker

Cheryl and David Marks

Chesapeake Clerk of Court Faye Mitchell and former Chesapeake Deputy Chief of Police and candidate for Chesapeake School Board Louis Tayon

Freemason Abbey Manager Lori Maddux, left, and her sister Mary Kay Marchetti

Front row from left: Doris Edelmann, Freemason Abbey Manager Lori Maddux and Mary Kay Marchetti. Back row: Tom Edelmann, left, and Tony Marchetti.

From left: Mike and Lorraine Carter, Kelly and Randy Hall, and Edward Jones' Scott Danner

Dale and Carol Engebretsen

The Shopper Client Relations Manager Jeff Barnard and Emma Zamora

From left: Candidate for Chesapeake School Board Kimberly Hobbs, Chesapeake Councilmember Dr. Ella Ward and husband Herman Ward

From left: Chesapeake Councilmember Dr. Ella Ward greeted Melinda Sikora and Denise Rang

Representing TowneBank, front row from left: Sr. Vice President Mark Hubbard, his wife Jennifer, and Sr. Vice President Julie Anderson. Back row from left: Sr. Vice President Ross Morgan, his wife Jennie and Doug Anderson.

Chesapeake Conference Center Executive Sous Chef Mario Wiggins with Shelia Plummer

Front row from left: Teresa Davis, Janet Farling, Christine Santoni, Carolyn Maddox, Debbie Ritter. Back row: Jennifer and Chad Franklen.

Mike's Paint and Body Owner Mike Abenante, left, and Jeff Ledsome

2013 First Citizen and candidate for Chesapeake City Council Roland Davis

From left: Lori Becker, Dr.

From left: Tommy DiPrima, Amy Dunphy and Jessica Casper

Dustyn Dobson