Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Celebrating a life of teaching

During this past holiday season, a celebration was held at Lockside Grill to honor Patricia Ward's 32 years of service as an education and philanthropic leader in Chesapeake. Numerous friends, teachers, administrators, school board members, former students and their parents, family members and the Major shared in the festivities. Guests were asked to bring food items for families in need rather than retirement gifts.

From left: Tricia's Father, Dr. Henry

Tricia Ward, left, and former principal of Hickory Elementary School Meredith Garrett

Dannetta Spellman

Tricia Ward and Chesapeake School Board Member Jeff Bunn

From left: Camelot Elementary School Assistant Principal Dr. Angie Smith, Chesapeake School Board Vice Chairman Reverend Thomas Mercer, and former Chesapeake School Board Member Barbara Head

From left: Lindsay Brown, Christy Ridgwell, Tricia Ward, and Amanda Weber

From left: Dr. Angie Smith, her son Jacob, and Dr. Patricia Powers, former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at Chesapeake Public Schools