Sunday, April 11th, 2021


The Cosgroves Holiday Party for Business Advisory Panel

State Senator and Mrs. John Cosgrove opened their Edinburgh home to members of the Business Advisory Panel for a holiday gathering. The diverse members of BAP enjoyed refreshments and camaraderie.

Brenda Ike of Sentry Security

Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan stopped by to say hello

Cindy and Bob Oman were in animated conversation with friends

From left: Council Member Scott Matheson, builder Chip Wirth of Wirth Construction Group and Commissioner of the Revenue Ray Conner

Jerry and Dotty Grizzard

Missy and Kevin Hubbard of Hubbard Law Office, PC

City Council Member Lonnie Craig and Kim Prosser

81st District Delegate Barry Knight, left, and City Council Member Lonnie Craig

Senator John Cosgrove posed with The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard at a party at the Cosgrove home to entertain the Business Advisory Panel group formed by Council Member Scott Matheson

From left: Commissioner of the Revenue Ray Conner, Anthony Thiel, and outgoing president of the Chesapeake Alliance and State Senator John Cosgrove, host of the evening

Host of the evening State Senator John Cosgrove, left, Chesapeake Commissioner of the Revenue Ray Conner

Liz Archbell, right, poses with a friend

Bob Oman and Sue Cosgrove, hostess of the evening

Sue Cosgrove

From left: Dotty Grizzard, Lin Pierce, and his wife