Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Barbells for the Boys

Several members from Crossfit gyms across Hampton Roads united to promote Prostate Cancer Awareness. The first annual charity was hosted by Shari Langrall and Sarah Noble of Crossfit Tidewater. Other gyms represented were Fentress Crossfit, Crossfit Chronic, Crossfit Krypton, Crossfit Unparalleled and Crossfit 757. Together, they raised over $2,000 for the cause.

From left: Host and Crossfit Tidewater Owner Shari Langrall, Fentress Crossfit Owner Martha VanCamp, and fellow host, Crossfit Tidewater Owner Sarah Noble

Sharon Caughlin and Monica Oglesby participate in one of the heats

From left: Amy Rose, Sharon Caughlin, and Diane Portlock

The Shopper Graphic Artist Jennifer Tolarchyk, left, and Fentress Crossfit Owner Martha VanCamp

From left: Jason Hershberger, The Shopper Graphic Artist Jennifer Tolarchyk, and Amy Hershberger in front of The Chesapeake Sheriff department's cancer awareness unit

Jen Tolarchyk push press

Fentress Crossfit participants