Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Birthday Brunch Surprise for Terry Barnard

Family, friends/neighbors, and fellow Shopper teammates surprised Terry Barnard with a birthday brunch in the Hunt Club room at Swan Terrace on a beautiful Sunday. Guests came from three states to mark a special birthday (plus half a year) which helped greatly with the surprise part! The brunch and service at Regent's Founders Inn brought kudos from all ages.

From left: Chris Barnard with his daughter, Amber, Lauren Barnard with her dad, Randy Barnard, and Michele Van Moppes

The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli, left, and The Shopper Account Executive Martha Frugard

The Shopper Account Executive Terri Sullivan and HM Johnson Band frontman Henry Johnson

Kevin Hubbard, left, and John Shortt

Terry Barnard's cousins, Rosalie and Wayne Lewark, from Knotts Island

Contractor Scott Nyberg and Realtor Murphy Brown

From left: Steve and Barbara Prevo with Barbara and John Shortt

From left: Dan and Anne Roach with Mary and Jim Durkin

From left: Mardie DeFeo with her soon to be son-in-law (in November) Bruce Carper and daughter Ronda Adkins

Dr. Don Buckley and his wife, Alvene

Dr. Don Buckley, left, and John May, Chairman of the Board for The Shopper, Inc. and Doctor to Doctor Magazine

From left: Peter May, his daughter Olivia, auctioneer Scott Freeman and Ann May

From left: Amy Walraven, Logan East, The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard and Terry Barnard

Terry Barnard, left, with son-in-law, auctioneer Scott Freeman

Norfolk Academy and William & Mary graduate Heather Ireland with her father Cliff Ireland

Terry's nephew Peter May and daughter Natalie East

Guests raved about friendly, helpful service from Heather Winn, left, and Nayeli Yobal

Former neighbor and North Landing Hunt Club buddy, James Hewitt, left, and Terry Barnard

John Thompson

Jean's sister Ann May and The Shopper Chairman of the Board John May with their granddaughter Olivia

Olivia May with her father Peter May

Bill and Cori Glover of Shiloh, North Carolina. Cori is Business Development Marketing Manager at Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Truck in Elizabeth City.

The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima with husband Tom

From left: Lauren Barnard, Randy Barnard and Michele Moppes

Chris Barnard and his daughter, Amber

James and Pat Hewitt

The Shopper Public Relations Representative Dr. Glenn Fritz and his wife, Karen

From left: The Shopper Account Executives Terri Sullivan and Martha Frugard, with Henry Johnson of the HM Johnson Band

The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli and web developer Terry Young

Steve and Kym Bach. Kym is a Shopper account executive and manages The Consignment Store

William Doxey, left, and The Shopper Client Relations Manager Jeff Barnard

Ike Doxey, left, and Andy Paradelas

Front: Peggy Doxey, left, and Sandy Paradelas Back: Ike Doxey, left, and Andy Paradelas

From left: Missy and attorney Kevin Hubbard dined with AJ and Teresa Inge

Missy and Kevin Hubbard

Owners of Maaco AJ and Teresa Inge

From left: Cliff Ireland, Don and Alvene Buckley

From left: Natalie East, daughter Heather Ireland, and auctioneer Scott Freeman

The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard and Terry Barnard

Amber Barnard wishing her grandpa, Terry Barnard, a happy birthday

Grandniece Olivia May held by her dad, Peter May

The firm's CPA and friend Ali Gumbeyi of Strickland & Jones CPA with his wife Erica and their son, Sebastian

From left: Alvene Buckley, Dr. Don Buckley, and The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

Alvene Buckley and Terry Barnard

Terry Barnard, center, with his sons Randy, Jeff, and Chris Barnard

Sandy Paradelas, center, and from left: Amber, Terry, Lauren, Randy, Jeff, Chris Barnard, and Andy Paradelas

From left: Granddaughter Heather Ireland, Terry Barnard, The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, son-in-law Scott Freeman, daughter Natalie East, grandson Logan East, and his girlfriend Amy Walraven. Natalie stood out in her Lily's of Ghent cruise dress.

The Shopper COO Nikki Young and daughter of the Barnards' heart

From left: Dan and Anne Roach; Mary and Jim Durkin; Kevin and Missy Hubbard; Teresa and AJ Inge, John and Barbara Shortt; all are neighbors of the Barnards in Hickory Station Estates

Terry Barnard and The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard