Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Good Food and Great Music at Crab Fest

The South Norfolk Ruritan Club recently held its 6th Annual Blue Crab Festival. Family and friends gathered to enjoy a menu consisting of blue crabs, Carolina barbeque, and fried fish. Entertainment was provided by local 80's band The Deloreans.

Volunteers Bobby Dean and Lexi Tuthill

Entertainment was provided by The Deloreans

Karen Fuller, left, and Joan Orlowski

Diane and Ronnie McDonald

From The Deloreans, Sound Engineer Carter White and Melanie Delorean

Windle McFly from The Deloreans, left, and Tom DiPrima

South Norfolk Ruritan Buddy Bagley

South Norfolk Ruritans Werdna Wynne, left, and Buddy Bagley

Barbara Knight and Dino Verzella

From left: Deep Creek Ruritan Gary Tuthill, Billy King and Deep Creek Ruritan Tim Anderson

From left: South Norfolk Ruritan

Chesapeake Fire Fighter Landon Kahler, left, with colleagues David Elliott, Russell Deaton, joined by friend Victor Bakkar

Owners of Grass Roots of Tidewater Craig and Susan Gallifant

Ava Will enjoyed dancing to the music

From left: Makenzie Brock, Windle McFly from the Deloreans, and Laura Turner-Williamson

South Norfolk Ruritan Event Chairman Darrell Williams

From left: Melanie Delorean, The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima and Meredith Delorean

Wickers Crab Pot Seafood provided the crabs. From left: Doug Pretlow, Ray and Michelle Wicker, Dalton Epley and Zach Reis

The crew from Wickers Crab Pot Seafood

From left: South Norfolk Ruritan and Event Chairman Darrell Williams, Ruritan Jim Dunlo, and Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan

South Norfolk Ruritan and Event Chairman Darrell Williams, left, and Vinny Molino of No-Bull Training

From left: Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan, Sheree Best, South Norfolk Ruritan Steve Best and John Butt

Perry and Mary Bingham

Ken Chapman, left, and his son Ben

From left: Heather Boggs, Courtney Meekins, Kenny Boggs and Doug Pretlow

From left: South Norfolk Ruritans Jack McReynolds, Ron Clobridge and John Butt

Judy and Steve Haugen

John Cooper and Laura Turner-Williamson of Options Hairstyling

From Colonna's Shipyard Ann Christie, left, and Ana Nowland

Don Jackson

From left: South Norfolk Ruritan Harry Tew, John Cooper, and Laura Turner-Williamson

From left: Namir Halabi and Ann Christie from Colonna's Shipyard, South Norfolk Ruritan Willie Skenes and Bud Brown

South Norfolk Ruritan Willie Skenes, left, and John Walker of Marine Inspections of Tidewater

Kent Soule enjoys the crabfest every year!