Sunday, April 11th, 2021


10th Annual ABNB Fishing Fest

Over 130 ABNB members and their families fished for a cause at the 10th Annual ABNB Fishing Fest, raising over $60,000.00 for The Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters.

ABNB Employees Tracy Arnold, left, and Susan Newman checked guests in at the Rudee Inlet Fishing dock.

From left: Deckhand Westwood McLaughlin, Captain Wes Feller and Deckhand Paul Beck welcomed ABNB families as they boarded the Rudee Whaler.

Cathy Berch of Bolder Junction, Wisconsin proudly held her catch of the day.

From left: Sommer Broudy, Rachel Lewis and Deckhand Paul Beck of Virginia Beach.

Account Executive Amy Garrett of The Shopper.

ABNB Relationship Manager Denise Sturgis of Fairfield, VA.

Vice President of ABNB Operations Cathy Heidlebaugh and ABNB Fishing Fest Chairman Larry Parker.

From left: Cancer survivors who received medical care from CHKD Jesse Hall and Wesley Parker stood with Chris Hall holding their