Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Chamber celebrates acts of valor

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce hosted the first annual Valor Awards. This event provides the business community an opportunity to thank and recognize the local police, fire and EMS personnel for extraordinary acts of courage and resourcefulness in the line of duty.

Chesapeake City Council member Robert Ike Jr. and his lovely wife Brenda

Jessica Castanza did a wonderful job of opening the ceremony with the National Anthem

From left: Sergeant Kee, Detective Schere, Detective Sergeant Chandler and Major Smith

Recipient of the Lifesaving Award Officer Chris Scallon of the Norfolk Police Department, and his wife Jill.

Officer Chelsea Parker, center, received the Bronze Medal Of Valor for saving the life of Master Police Officer Ryan Clark, left, and Officer Amy Hammond

From left: Medal of Valor recipients Officer Chelsea Parker (Bronze) , Officer Justin Trout (Silver), and Officer Timothy Hamed (Silver)

Shopper Account Executive Kym Bach, left, with 13 News Anchor Vanessa Coria

Firefighter Medics Ken Snyder, left, and Mike Barakey

Lifesaver Award recipient, Firefighter Medic Terry Davenport with girlfriend Brittany Bates

13 News Anchor Sandra Parker