Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Oyster Roast for a Good Cause

The Chesapeake Shrine Club recently held its 36th Annual Oyster Roast at the Khedive Shrine Center. Raw, roasted or fried

Volunteers Garner Winston, left, and Willie Skenes

From left: John and Helen Mundy with Amy Dunphy

Volunteer Nancy King served plenty of fried fish

From left: Holly Jernigan, Mackenzie Brock, Laura Turner-Williamson, Coni Spalenka, and John Cooper enjoyed the festivities

From left: Jackie McCartney, Steve Campbell and Jenny Quartucci

Volunteer Dave McClellan fried lots of oysters

Paige McCullough, left, and her sister Aja

Volunteer Nick Ramsey enjoyed frying oysters

From left: Debra Tew, Jeff Capps and Coni Spalenka

Matt Reich and Donald Reich from Atlas Crane

Event Chairman Joe Ramsey, left, and Harry Tew

Deb Tew and 2010 Potentate Jim Canterbury

Kenny Bitar, left, and Charlie Gill

From left: Erin Ogletree, Wendy McMahon, Brian Bannerman, Charlie Rudacil, Mardy O'Brien and Valerie Howe

From left: Carole McCullough, The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, Debra Tew and Coni Spalenka

From left: Deputy Gonzales, Deputy Pettet and Deputy Noriega

From left: Holly Jernigan, Mackenzie Brock, Laura Turner-Williamson, Shana Poll and Jolene Jones

From left: Volunteers Sylvia Curran, Donna Elliott and Lenora Parsons

Thelmon Smith, left, and Billy Crow

From left: John Cooper, Coni Spalenka, Laura Turner-Williamson and Randy Wilkins

Jolene Jones, left, and Shana Poll

The band Hotcakes

Bill Chamberlain was the raffle winner of a new 51

Beverly Hughes and Brian Bannerman

Tina and Stephen Walker

Mackenzie Brock, left, and Laura Turner-Williamson

Scotty and Amy Lynn

Front: Brad Ellis. Back from left: Rob Froehler, Mackenzie Brock, Tony Sorrell, Laura Turner-Williamson and Ryan Edwards