Saturday, April 17th, 2021


The Buckleys’ Traditional Christmas Eve Party

Don and Alvene Buckley are known for their wonderful annual Christmas Eve party with Santa as a special guest. Family comes from out of state to visit with old friends and neighbors., and children and adults take turns on Santa's lap.

Don Buckley and Santa Claus

Lisa Buckley-Lewis came from Chapel Hill with her husband, Bob, and son Brian

From left: Greg and Katy Lunsford with Carolyn Medina

From left: Don and Gloria Beek, Cathy Selikson, Laura and Kristi Brock

From left: Lisa Buckley-Lewis chats with Linda and Bob Braaten

From left: Natalie East, one of Santa's favorites, and Scott Bell

Maureen Keller was all smiles with Santa Claus

Laura Brock

From left: Carter Teeuwin, Laura Brock, and Christina Teeuwin with Santa Claus

From left: The Shopper's publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, hostess Alvene Buckley, and Carolyn Medina

Natalie East, left, and Gloria Beek

From left: Harry and Luanne Hege, and Carol Abramson

Don Beek, left, and Scuff Neff

From left: Hosts Don and Alvene Buckley with daughter, Lisa Lewis-Buckley

Don and Gloria Beek

Keith Buckley and Lisa Buckley-Lewis

Auctioneer Scott Freeman and Store for Stores owner Natalie East

Alvene Buckley, left, and Gloria Beek

Caroline and Christian Asam visit with Santa

From left: Scott, John, and Beth Lunsford visit with Santa

The Lunsford family visit with Santa. From left: John, Katy, Scott, Greg, and Beth

From left: Carol Abramson, Carolyn Medina, and Tamika Mills

From left: Carol and Neil Abramson, Carolyn Medina, hostess Alvene Buckley and Tamika Mills

Hosts Don and Alvene Buckley and Tamika Mills

Tamika Mills entertained with her beautiful voice

Hosts Don and Alvene Buckley with Santa Claus