Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Physicians for Peace 7th Annual Gala International Charity Benefit

The annual Physicians for Peace Gala celebrated its vision for a healthier world. The doctors', staff, and volunteers' goals are to transform lives through education and training, and change the world together.

The event was held at Sheraton Norfolk Waterside and honored Winfred O. Ward, M.D., Gail Grisetti, PT, EdD, the honorable Maurice Jones, and the President's Award went to J. Morgan Davis, President and Chief Banking Officer to TowneBank Virginia Beach.

Debbie & Bud Moulse

From left: Bud Moulse, Alvene Buckley, Debbie Moulse, Dr. Donald Buckley, Hemang Shah, M.D., and his wife Bindiya

Ann and John May

Terry Barnard, left, and John May

From left: Sandra Canada, Chris and Diana Behling

From left: Nancy Reed Huston, Denise Lawson, and Debbie Payne, Channel 13's Weatherman Jeff Lawson and Physicians for Peace's wonderful Laurie Harrison

From left: Doctors Sharon and Mike Keverline with Jean Loxley-Barnard. Sharon, an OB/Gyn, volunteers at the Chesapeake Care Free Clinic; Mike an Ophthalmologist owns Southside Eye. Jean is the Publisher of Doctor to Doctor Magazine.

Nikki and Terry Young. Nikki is the COO of Doctor to Doctor Magazine, Terry is CEO of Internet Marketing and Design.

From left: Gala committee chairman Betsy Karotkin, Laurie Harrison, and Warren Sachs, DDS

Physicians for Peace President and CEO Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.) chats with some guests

From left: Dr. Juan Montero, Eid Mustafa, M.D., Katherine Colgan, and Hal Bernson

From left: Juan Montero, M.D. of Montero Medical Missions, Warren Sachs, DDS, and Eid Mustafa, M.D.

From left: Ann May, OB/Gyn Dr. Sharon Keverline, COO of Doctor to Doctor Magazine Nikki Young, CEO of Internet Marketing and Design Terry Young, and Ophthalmologist Dr. Mike Keverline

From left: Lawrence Colen, M.D. and his wife Martha, Diabetes Institute's Director, Aaron Vinik, M.D. with his wife Etta.

Physicians for Peace President and CEO Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.) and Sheraton Waterside Norfolk Banquet Manager -Maurice Valery

Physicians for Peace Communications Director Rachel Bryant

Unsung heroes who made the Sheraton's event run smoothly

The Rare Mixx Band entertained guests

From left: John May, Etta Vinik, Aaron Vinik, M.D., Doctor to Doctor Magazine Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

CPAs Jimmy and Gayle Strickland of Strickland & Jones are visited by Jean Loxley-Barnard.

Bud Moulse and Dr. Erik Kisa

Dr. Erik Kisa with his wife Kerry

From left: Dr. Erik Kisa, his wife Kerry, and Dr. Donald Buckley

Dr. Donald Buckley, left, and Edward Karotkin, M.D. the Immediate Past Chairman of Physicians for Peace

Dr. Chris Stolle is congratulated by Dr. Donald Buckley

Laurie Harrison, with Dr. Don Buckley

The evening's most honored guest, TowneBank's President J. Morgan Davis stopped by The Breeden Company table.

Physicians for Peace board member, Gary Boswick, left, and Morgan Davis, recipient of the President's Award

From left: Kerry Kisa, Dr. Donald Buckley and Debbie Moulse

From left: Edward Karotkin, M.D., Dr. Donald Buckley, and Physicians for Peace President and CEO Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.)

J. Morgan Davis